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The reason for the site being so named is I am a professional metallurgist, 60+ years of practice and bullet casting. I enjoy discussing the metallurgy and casting of the metals used in bullet casting and the metallurgy involved in making the alloys and the heat treating, annealing and structure changes which harden and soften cast alloys.

Pure Antimony in small quantities has always been the difficult metal to obtain and then alloy due to the high melting temperature of the metal compared to the temperature limits of furnaces and normal melting procedures. In the past sources of the metal have been in already alloyed linotype, smelted wheel weights (WW), magnum grade high quality small shot and some range lead scrap.

There are pages on the metallurgy involved in bullet casting, alloying tin and antimony into lead and thermometry use not only for measuring the temperature of a melt but also how to determine purity of single metal melts such as lead and tin as well as certain eutectic alloys used in the lead alloy systems.

Metals, alloys and equipment available on this site:

Tin, lead, antimony and alloys of lead/tin for BPCR and Schuetzen shooting, Linotype, “Hardcast” handgun alloy and special order alloys such as Lyman #2, lead free pewter and many custom alloys are available.

Equiment and publications as well as special papers on heat treating, annealing and other aspects of metallurgy are available. Some may be specialized and not on the site or listed.

Laboratory quality thermometers, plumbers and utility propane furnaces, electric ladle casting furnaces from 25 to 120 pound capacities ( the 40, 80 and 120 lb electrics have cast iron pots and are quite heavy) and a few very large gas burners and cast iron pots up to 500 pounds of lead capacity.

Necessary accessories such as small 40 lb cast iron pots, heat shields, ingot moulds, Rowell ladles, skimmers, fluxes, books and other stuff are all available. Welcome to my site.

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